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Rabi Al Awwal 6, 1445 AH

September 21, 2023

Programs & Services

Family and Community Welfare Program

Assistance for socially disadvantaged families.

Child and Youth Welfare Program

Designed for the care, protection, participation, and rehabilitation of children and youth in difficult situations

Women’s Welfare Program

Aims to promote the welfare of disadvantaged women giving special attention.

Unlad Pamilyang Bangsamoro Program

Provides holistic social intervention to case-managed households.

ABaKa Program

Provide educational assistance for children from poor or low-income households.

Bangsamoro Sagip Kabuhayan

Provides livelihood assistance to qualified indigent beneficiaries.

Older Persons and Persons with Disability Program

Caters to indigent PWDs and Older Persons through the provision of assistive devices, and financial assistance.

Kupkop Program

Financial assistance for poor and vulnerable orphans, foundlings, abandoned and surrendered children.

Kalinga Para Sa May Kapansanan Program

The Ministry’s social pension program for persons with disabilities.

B-Cares Program

Provide Medical, Burial, Education, Transportation & Food Assistance to the indigent, vulnerable, and disadvantaged sectors.

Emergency Relief Assistance

Provides immediate aid to vulnerable communities affected by conflict, disasters.

Cash for Work

Provides short-term employment to the displaced, disadvantaged, and distressed individuals from the community.

Hatid Program

MSSD continues to deliver protection and assistance in a timely and efficient manner to the poorest and most vulnerable sectors.


The Ligtas Pamilya Program or the provision of DRR kits/grab bags to vulnerable families is part of the Ministry’s campaign on “Pamilyang Handa, Ligtas sa Sakuna.”

Lingkod Pamayanan Para Sa Kapayapaan Program

MSSD is working with community-based para-social workers to strengthen the delivery of the Ministry’s social protection services.

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH)

Provision/repair/rehabilitation of water points, latrines, bathing and handwashing facilities, and more.

Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program

Provides conditional cash grants to improve health, nutrition, and education, particularly for children between 0-18 years old.

Sustainable Livelihood Program

Provides skills training and livelihood seed capital.

Social Pension for Indigent Senior Citizens Program

Provides monthly stipends to indigent senior citizens to augment their capacity to meet their daily subsistence and medical requirements.

Supplementary Feeding Program

Provides food for children between 2-5 years old who are enrolled in the daycare centers or supervised neighborhood play areas.

Recovery and Reintegration Program for Trafficked Persons

Provides food for children between 2-5 years old who are enrolled in the daycare centers or supervised neighborhood play areas.

Regional Juvenile Justice Welfare Committee

This nationwide program is comprehensive and ensures the provision of adequate recovery and reintegration services provided to trafficked persons.

Enhanced Partnership against Hunger and Poverty

Help mitigate hunger, ensure food and nutrition security, and reduce poverty in urban and rural communities.