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Mandate & Objectives


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Dhul Qidah 14, 1444 AH

June 03, 2023


The Ministry of Social Services and Development (MSSD) provides a balanced and responsive approach to social welfare whereby the rights, needs, and interests of all citizens within its jurisdiction, with special focus on the marginalized and vulnerable sectors, including women, children, senior citizens, differently-abled persons, indigenous cultural communities, internally displaced persons, and those similarly situated by analogy, are protected and addressed at all times, especially during the existence of a crisis, whether natural or human-induced, that affects their well-being and their participation in community affairs.

The Ministry’s Objectives:

(a) Provide an integrated welfare package to its constituents, on the basis of their rights, needs, and interests, and coordinate the service facilities required from such ministries or agencies, governmental and non-governmental, or local government units, which can best provide them;

(b) Address any socially disabling or dehumanizing conditions of the marginalized sectors at the community level, in accordance with their faith and cultural practices;

(c) Care for, protect, and rehabilitate, differently-abled persons, as well as those who are socially disadvantaged, for effective social functioning; and

(d) Formulate and advocate for the adoption of laws, policies, and measures addressing social welfare concerns.