Provision of immediate relief assistance to victims of man-made and natural calamities and other social disorganisation to help alleviate the distressed condition of displaced families.


Capability Building

The recurring instance of armed conflict and natural disasters in BARMM give necessity on the capacitation of direct service workers to be equipped the basic knowledge, skills and attitude in responding to these kinds of disaster as well as addressing the needs of the affected families and communities.

Procurement and Distribution of Relief Goods and for Marawi City and outside BARMM

The procurement of goods to be repacked into non-food items and food items are primarily assigned to have a stockpiles of goods to be distributed during or immediately after the occurrence of any disaster. These are intended to address immediate needs and to minimize the effect of hunger to the affected families.

Provision of financial assistance (AICS/CIU) and for Marawi City, IDPs and needy families outside BARMM

This is the provision of monetary assistance to support needy individuals including the IDP’s for medical assistance, burial assistance, transportation assistance and other form of financial assistance

Provision of short term employment to the indigent families and IDPs in exchange of their community works or activities. The project aims to capacitate Marawi City seige victims and other needy families to become more prepared and resilient during disaster.

Reproduction of Disaster Assessment and Family Access Card DAFAC and Distribution payroll

To have effective and efficient delivery of social services, there must be an intensive damage and needs assessment of affected families / IDPs to minimize further damage and socio-economic disruption. Basic informations about the clients must be written in the DAFAC and Distribution Payroll. These forms can also a primary document in verifying the goods and services being received by the client.

Standby Quick Response Fund BARMM WIDE (stockpile) and Monitoring

For the prompt and on time response to any disaster occurred in BARMM area of responsibility. These include purchase of goods/services without undergoing the procurement process, connectivity expenses, travelling expenses and other services to clients that need immediate intervention.